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Valerie Sheets

Take Action with Zonda Enterprise

Feb 17, 2022

With Zonda Enterprise you can easily customize and export your new home construction data, giving you the ability to make informed decisions and take action rapidly.

Enterprise is your complete real estate data solution for the new home building industry. You can easily customize your data sets and map views with the clean user-friendly interface. Zonda Enterprise brings together all the data sources needed to make informed real estate decisions, including listings and closings for land and homes; and Zonda’s proprietary data including subdivisions, projects, and master plans—all in a modernized platform. Instantly download regional reports, and easily export your customized data to share findings and make data-backed strategic decisions.

With Zonda Enterprise, it’s easy to get to the data you’re looking for and customize it for your current needs. The default view will reflect your subscription area. Enterprise has eight robust filters to help you narrow down your data sets. (Read our previous blog to learn more.) The Explorer Data Table populates the results from your enabled datasets and boundaries in a simple and customizable design. Select the Focus button and the map will pan to fit your selected data. Click the Columns option to choose from over two dozen data criteria to diversify your table. Check or uncheck columns and rows to drill down to the data that matters most to you. Enterprise will remember your table settings automatically. Every time you log in the table will appear as you left it.

Clear iconography

Enterprise has been thoughtfully designed with customer feedback in mind. Based on the filter sets enabled and the projects selected, you can now easily identify data types on the map with simple and clear iconography and clusters.


Clusters display the number of accounts within an area. The icon size is representative of the number of accounts within the cluster. Pie graphs around the cluster further clarify what type of industry activity is within each. 


Zoom in on the map to view icons that are easily identifiable by data type, status, and product style. From the icons on the map, you can open a popup to view details, view the profile, or provide feedback to customer support. 


The shortlist feature allows you to filter on the criteria that meets your needs and collect map icon popups of different types to review and download later. You can view futures, listings, closings, and projects/subdivisions in one location. These varying datasets can be saved and used in your competitive analysis.


In the map menu in the lower righthand corner, you can open the legend to view all of the icon shapes, colors, symbols, and meanings. From the map menu you can also export an image of your map view as a .PNG file. 

Reporting features

Enterprise is equipped with advanced reporting capabilities to make analyzing your data as seamless as possible. From the Explorer Data Table you can export project profiles and the entire table. Select the Export option to download your data.


You can batch download multiple comparable projects or subdivision profiles at a time.  


Download the entire table as a comma-separated value (CSV) so you can continue to analyze and share data with your team to make the best-informed decisions. 


The Reporting Tab houses Market Reports for the top 65 markets. These Market Reports include content such as the New Home Pending Sales Index, Supply Snapshot, Total Housing Inventory, Market Health, community and demographic data, and more. The number of reports available will depend on your subscription area. You can batch download multiple reports at the same time. Multiple markets include both long and short versions of the report.


Zonda Enterprise is the leading real estate support decision platform. Learn more about Enterprise or schedule a demo with a team member and learn how Enterprise can help you and your team take action.


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