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Customize Your Data the Way You Want It with Zonda Enterprise

Jan 26, 2022

Enterprise gives you the freedom to customize map views and filters to leverage your data quickly and easily

The newly launched Zonda Enterprise combines land listing closings and future development with new and existing listing and closing data—all under one login. It transforms the way you view your data. Enterprise allows you to create custom map views and filters with all the data—empowering you to get straight to the data you want and need most.

From the very start, your Enterprise experience is tailored to you. The default view of Enterprise shows data across your specific subscription area. There’s no need to weed through geographies that aren’t pertinent to you. Directly pan to areas you want data for, or use the search bar, which allows you to search by project, subdivision, masterplan community, or a geographic location by name. Select your search result and the map will automatically zoom in. To view more about your area of interest, click on the item’s popup for more details. 

Create and save custom views

See why Enterprise is the complete data solution for the home building industry. With Enterprise you can create and save custom map views to reuse and revisit time and time again. 

View of Zonda Enterprise platform with a map with two boundaries selected at once.

Create multiple selections within one view. 


Create boundaries by searching by name, keyword(s), or by drawing a custom polygon. 


Instantly save and access your custom map views. Hover over the names of your saved custom views to see geographies that are included in each. 

Our Explorer data table allows you to view and export data sets that you have customized using the diverse filter tool. When all sets are enabled, you will have eight data sets all in one place. Enterprise will automatically save your table settings, so you don’t have to worry about reconfiguring it each time, allowing you to quickly get to the data you need.

The list you see in the data table corresponds to the filters you have turned on. Each data set has a different column, each of which is customizable—add data sets that you desire, or remove ones you don’t need.  Sort in descending or ascending order to optimize your data view. To further refine the results, check or uncheck the boxes in the first column. Only checked rows will appear on your map and in your export. The table can easily be exported as a report.

You can further customize your map view by clicking the “focus” button, which pans the map to fit in the items that you have checked on the table. If you select a particular row, the map will pan to view it. 

These features in Zonda Enterprise give you the most powerful tools for understanding data and creating map views that tell a story—a compelling story that enables you to make strategic decisions and stay competitive in a hot market. 

Stay tuned for our next Enterprise walkthrough, which will demonstrate how Enterprise is a centralized source for all of Zonda’s proprietary housing data.

Learn more about Enterprise, or schedule a demo today.

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