The complete housing market data solution for home builders

Visualize your housing market data

Zonda Enterprise helps modern home building teams run faster. Get the information you need quickly and easily with a clean user-friendly interface. Complex housing data for home builders in a visually digestible form gives your team the ability to make decisions rapidly.

  • Visually dynamic iconography
  • View geographic data from state to lot level
  • Export visually meaningful reports

Actionable data, simplified
Customizable for data clarity

Customized housing industry research

Zonda Enterprise is built to cut the clutter. Filter, search, sort, and interact to harness the data for your specific needs. Easily create custom map views that tell a story. From local to national levels; quickly access the data you value most.

  • Diverse filtering and sorting capabilities
  • Compose multiple target geographic areas
  • Personalize data views with map drawing tools

A unified solution for housing market analytics

Gone are the days of multiple logins and programs. Access our complete Enterprise platform and all of Zonda’s proprietary housing market data through a modernized, single user interface using one login.

  • One login for land, listings, closings, and projects
  • Stay up to date with new data uploaded nightly
  • View top 100 housing market reports by zip code, city, and state
  • View historical and real-time home building data

A unified solution

The most expansive housing market data for home builders

Zonda Enterprise gives your team access to more new home building data than any other platform


active & future master plans


active & future subdivisions


vacant lots

Zonda Enterprise Features

Geography SelectionRole ComposerIntelligent FiltersMap CollectorAnalytical Map

Define your own map

Create map views that tell a story. Compose multiple target geographic areas using powerful tools to help define where you want to see data. Define by subdivision, state, zip code, or simply draw your own coverage area.

Key statistics at your fingertips

New data is uploaded nightly as it becomes available, helping you understand trends and shifts as they occur. View and download prepared reports and raw data across multiple geographic areas, as it pertains to your filter results.

Eliminate data overload

Enterprise helps you get the most relevant data and insights so you can make the right decisions at the right moments. Filter on multiple datasets related to land, new housing, and existing housing, including future land supply, housing inventory, price changes, sales rates, and closing values—all in a single platform.

Clearly visualize your data

Swiftly capturing and analyzing your data is crucial in today’s world. Quickly understand the story your data is telling with visual elements expertly designed to help you collect vital information from specific icons of interest across multiple filtered datasets.

Insightful at any scale

Unleash geographical freedom by working with a variety of dynamic icon clusters all the way down to the lot level. Understand market activity through map visuals helping you identify where and what type of activity is most prevalent. Turn on map layers to view detailed satellite imagery as well as geographic boundaries.


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