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Zonda iPad is now Enterprise for iPad

Apr 03, 2024

We’re thrilled to unveil the latest release of our mobile data solution.

Zonda iPad has been renamed Enterprise for iPad. Rest assured, all the data, functionality, and features you know, and love remain intact. This exciting 11.0 update rebrands Zonda iPad as Enterprise for iPad and represents a significant leap forward in providing our customers with a seamless and intuitive experience between our flagship product Enterprise and our iPad solution.

A unified experience

Enterprise for iPad is a commitment to consistency of experience while being the perfect complement to Enterprise. We have meticulously redesigned every element of the platform to mirror the familiar look and feel of Enterprise. Despite the visual changes, the functionality you know, and love remains intact in Enterprise for iPad. Whether it is monitoring projects, running site reports, accessing data sets on any geography level, you can trust that Enterprise for iPad delivers the same robust capabilities you rely on. Enterprise for iPad continues to offer optimized features for on-the-go data analysis empowering you to stay productive wherever your work takes you.

Notable UI Enhancements

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most impactful updates you can expect to see in Enterprise for iPad:

  • Refreshed Icons: With 120 updated icons, the interface of Enterprise for iPad now exudes a modern and cohesive aesthetic, perfectly aligned with the Enterprise experience.
  • Enhanced Pop-ups: Pop-ups are now more than just informative – they are intuitive and user-friendly. We have refined their design for improved legibility and usability, making interactions smoother than ever before.
  • Redesigned Reports: Our updated reports continue to offer the same data with a fresh perspective on your project insights, presenting information in a visually appealing and easily digestible format.
  • Adaptive Viewing: Whether you prefer landscape or vertical orientation, Enterprise for iPad adapts seamlessly to your viewing preferences, ensuring optimal display and usability in any situation.
  • Streamlined Notification Center: Stay in the loop with our updated notification center, designed to provide you with real-time updates and alerts on all your projects sent to any email of your choice. Keeping track of important developments has never been easier.

Get started today

Excited to experience the newly redesigned Enterprise for iPad? Simply update your Zonda iPad app to unlock all these incredible improvements. With Enterprise for iPad, productivity and convenience are just a tap away.

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