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What’s New in Zonda Enterprise 2.0

Dec 20, 2022

Learn about the latest upgrades and features in the newest release of Zonda Enterprise.

Image of master plan community profiles within Zonda Enterprise.

Introducing Enterprise 2.0. We are excited to share the newest features of Zonda Enterprise. The latest release includes notable upgrades, including master plan community profiles and the top 100+ core-based statistical area (CBSA) market reports. Enterprise is your complete resource for housing industry data. Read on to learn more about these valuable updates. If you are a current Enterprise subscriber and would like further information, please get in touch with your regional account manager for a demo of these new features.

Master plan community profiles

Image of a master plan community profile page in the Zonda Enterprise real estate data software.

Enterprise now encompasses data for 1,200 master planned communities across the United States. In addition, you can view and download detailed profile pages for over 600 qualified* master planned communities. With Enterprise, the research is done for you and the data you need is already at your fingertips.

What’s new

  • Track master planned communities nationwide: Use your time strategically without having to figure out who’s actively developing master plans or tracking down upcoming and sold out communities in your market. Enterprise includes comprehensive data for active, upcoming, and sold out communities.
  • Identify successful projects from the largest communities: Pinpoint what products, amenities, and pricing strategy the most successful master planned communities are using with detailed profile pages. Quickly see current and historic sales pace, size segmentation, and more for the top 600+ master planned communities. You can even quantify the success rates of similar product lines nationwide.
  • Access real-time data to stay ahead: With Zonda Enterprise you always have the most current information you need. Our database is updated nightly as new data is received. You will always have the most current sales numbers and quick move-in and future inventory data, enabling you to make better decisions amidst a rapidly changing housing market.
  • Gain key insights from an expansive set of data points: Customize your reports with over 30 data fields including status, unit size, developer joint ventures, price ranges, total units planned, total sold, and more. With Enterprise you can leverage historical sales and price data to better understand market performance while analyzing project characteristics for a lesson in effective segmentation and creative community amenities.

*In order for a master planned community to qualify for a profile within Enterprise they must have at least one active project, and have at least one sale in the L12M, and at some point have/had more than 1,000 total units planned.

Top 100+ market pages

Image of the Dallas-Forth With Real Estate Market Report within Zonda Enterprise.

Enterprise provides you with the most relevant housing market performance metrics in one single report. Another exciting feature of the new release includes over 100 reports of the top markets across the United States.

What’s new

  • Easy access to the markets most important to you: Access up to 111 CBSA market reports (see full list) from the Enterprise platform or directly inside your customer portal. Each report is available in both condensed and detailed formats and is downloadable.
  • Every important housing data point, in one location: Zonda monitors 109 data fields including 48 proprietary data points so you can spend less time identifying and updating the relevant housing performance metrics from a variety of sources.
  • Always stay up-to-date on the latest housing data: Never worry about being out of touch. Each market report sources data from nine different providers and updates nightly as each new data point is released.
  • Access more accurate and comprehensive data than the census: Zonda covers approximately 70% of new home construction while the Census surveys less than 10%. Enterprise helps you stay informed with the most comprehensive and relevant new home construction data in the industry.


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