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Enterprise 3.0 is Now Available

Apr 20, 2023

See what’s new in the latest release of Zonda Enterprise.

Learn about the latest features of Zonda Enterprise

We are excited to share the latest version of Zonda Enterprise with you. Enterprise 3.0 utilizes Data Summaries to provide you with quicker access to important insights and historical trends.

Data Summaries

With our new Data Summaries you can instantly view current and historical housing market metrics across the United States without the need to export, sort, or table different data sets. These dynamic reports can be customized by geography, offering the flexibility to select and combine views by CBSA, county, city, zip code, school district or custom drawn boundaries.

Enterprise 3.0 features five types of Data Summaries: Historical Homebuilding Activity, Price Segmentation, Lot Segmentation, Builder Benchmark, and Closings by Sales Type.

Historical Home Building Activity

Do you need a historical perspective on homebuilding activity in a designated region? Historical Home Building Activity is the Data Summary for you. With this view, you can quickly view a PDF of the last five quarters of historical changes in construction, inventory, future supply, and pricing activity for proprietary new home subdivision data. Need a deeper dive? You can download three years’ worth of data as a CSV export.

  • Historical Home Building Activity includes these data details: Analyze, VDLs, VDL Months of Supply, Starts, Inventory, Inventory Months of Supply, Observed Closings, Subdivision Counts, Pricing, and Matched Deed Closings.

Price Segmentation

With the Price Segmentation Data Summary you can identify strategic opportunities for product development by assessing the construction and new home sales activity by price segments over the previous quarter. Use Price Segmentation to gain supply and performance insights in personalized market definitions. Price segmentations are dynamically generated based on the price points relevant to that market.

  • Price Segmentation includes these data details: Review VDLs, VDL Months of Supply, Starts, Inventory, Inventory Months of Supply, and Observed Closings.

Lot Segmentation

The Lot Segmentation Data Summary allows you to plan developments to meet market conditions. This Data Summary provides supply and performance trend insights by lot segmentation. Each report is localized as lot size segments are dynamically generated based on the geographical search areas.

  • Lot Segmentation includes these data details: Review VDLs, VDL Months of Supply, Starts, Inventory, Inventory Months of Supply, and Observed Closings.

Builder Benchmark

Better position yourself in the market by using Builder Benchmark to understand the competition and hone in on performance drivers. With this Data Summary you can view the rankings of Builders based on observed closings over the last four quarters. Quickly distinguish top-performing builders to identify what project types work best in a designated geographic area.

  • Builder Benchmark includes these data details: Review Observed Closings by Quarter, Annual Observed Closings, YoY Change, Annual Market Growth

Closings by Sales Type

With the Closings by Sales Type Data Summary, you can discover monthly historical price and sales volume trends by product type for both new construction and resale. Quickly view the last year of data in an easy-to-view PDF or further your analysis with five years of historical data in an exportable CSV.

  • Closings by Sales Type includes these data details: Closing Volume, Median Price by Home Type & Transaction, Median Price per Sq Ft by Home Type & Transaction

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