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Inspirational Leadership Podcast: Rick Severance

May 16, 2023

Learn more about how the mastermind behind one of America’s largest master-planned communities is fostering great leadership skills in the next generation.  

Episode 19

Rick Severance brings over 25 years of leadership experience and an impressive list of award-winning master-planned communities to the table. A self-described place-maker, Rick cares deeply about fostering a true sense of community – a passion that’s evident in his work.

As president of Wellen Park, one of America’s largest and fastest-selling master-planned communities, Rick is no stranger to eye-poppingly big projects. But even while he’s spearheading the development of Wellen Park’s 75,000 square foot downtown, Rick still makes time to focus on empowering the next generation of great leaders at home and in the office.

“There’s discipline, I think there’s also coaching and teamwork – these things are not just learned by sitting in front of a television or a computer or a phone. They just aren’t. And I think we need to ensure that the generations that are coming up have an opportunity to do that. And maybe we as the employers can foster that. If we’re hiring young adults who haven’t had [that experience], how do we create environments where they can learn that?”

Get to know Rick, who inspires him and how he’s continuing to inspire the next generation in the latest episode of the Inspirational Leadership with the Best in Home Building podcast hosted by Zonda’s principal of advisory, Mollie Carmichael.

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I think good leaders know what they’re not great at, and they hire people around them who are better. I feel really strongly about that.

Rick Severance

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