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Inspirational Leadership Podcast: Episode 2

Apr 07, 2022

Larry Webb, former Executive Chairman of The New Home Company, shares how he went from being a high school teacher to leading many of the top home builders in the country, and why he thinks company culture is imperative for success.

About the podcast

Inspirational Leadership with the Best in Home Building is an influential podcast led by housing industry expert Mollie Carmichael, Principal, Advisory, of Zonda. Each episode features an insightful personal conversation with a key thought leader in the housing industry. Join Mollie as we get to know these top leaders—what inspires them, what drives them, and how they build communities. Tune in below and follow @ZondaHome on social media for the latest updates. 

I had to create a culture that encouraged and let people come to work every day and do the best work of their life and be proud of that stand in each other's shoes with empathy and with pride of what we've accomplished.

Larry Webb

Executive Chairman, The New Home Company

Episode 2

Welcome back to the Inspirational Leadership with the Best in Home Building podcast with Mollie Carmichael. This episode features Larry Webb, former Executive Chairman of The New Home Company. Larry’s 30 years of success in the home building industry are distinguished by a conscientious approach toward clients, communities, and employees. After a long and successful career, Larry and his wife Joan have no plans for the “R” word. The self-proclaimed “King of the Peloton” sees himself continuing to work and dedicate his life to others, whether it be his new grandson Freddy or through philanthropic work.

What you might not know about Larry is that he started his career far removed from the home building world, as a high school teacher. Later he pivoted by pursuing a Master’s in City and Regional Planning from Harvard. This lead him into a career as a market and financial analyst, which opened the door to a position as Head of Marketing and Product Development with Mission Viejo, and the dominoes continued to fall from there. 

As he reflects on his career, he considers one of the most important lessons learned is the value of the way you treat other people. It wasn’t always easy to walk the talk, but he holds firm to the belief that one of the most valuable business tenants is company culture, with respect and empathy at the roots.

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