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Top New Home Trends Webinar Replay

Mar 19, 2024

Mollie Carmichael and a panel of expert architects discuss the top trends in home building design.

Watch the replay of the Top New Home Trends of 2024 webinar to explore the innovative strategies, design concepts, and technology advancements that are revolutionizing the way homes are built. You’ll hear from Mollie Carmichael, Zonda’s Principal, Advisory and guest panelists Bill Hezmalhalch, CEO of WHA; Eric Zuziak, Architect and Principal of JZMK; and Garrett Hoskins, Principal and Architect of Robert Hidey Architects. Watch the recording to gain valuable insights into:

  • Market demands and consumer preferences driving new home design
  • New home designs for today’s changing market
  • Sustainable building practices and eco-friendly materials
  • Integration of smart home technology for modern living
  • Customization options and personalization trends

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Mollie Carmichael

Mollie Carmichael


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