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What’s new in BuildingProductPro 3.0

Oct 27, 2023

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BuildingProductPro 3.0 introduces a range of capabilities giving you the power to monitor new starts by market, subdivision, and builders, analyze builder and subdivision activity side-by-side, and explore detailed builder profiles.

New KPI: Starts

  • Easily monitor new home starts by builder, subdivision, and region.
  • Gain a precise understanding of market activity with starts as a sortable column and a key performance indicator (KPI) across all BuildingProductPro dashboards.

Builder/Subdivision View

  • Utilize the side-by-side view to select a builder and access unique data, including starts, closings, future supply, and project details for associated subdivisions.
  • Select individual subdivisions to discover which builders are actively shaping the market and identify new market expansion opportunities with ease.

Builder Profile View

  • Unlock a comprehensive view of a specific builder’s performance.
  • Analyze current development volume, market coverage for active and future development, lot development construction stages, historical closing activity, and more.

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