Housing market insights to increase building product adoption

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Housing data tailored for building product suppliers

Leverage Zonda’s unrivaled housing data to quantify the market and easily target builders and their subdivisions that match your product categories

Quantify current and future market pipeline

Assess the current addressable market while securing a strong long-term pipeline with Zonda’s proprietary future supply data

Target projects that are a perfect match

Easily segment projects by housing characteristics, consumer segment, home size, and more, to find the projects that best complement your products

Easily capture more market share

With over 44,000 builders in the database, create an expansive targeted builder lead list to easily export and share with your sales team
Zonda Building

Helping building product manufacturers and suppliers easily secure a long-term pipeline of business on a regional and national scale


Access current and future housing market opportunities with ease

With the unmatched accuracy and breadth of Zonda’s proprietary housing data, confidently forecast total addressable market volume on all scales.

  • Reveal hot spots in the market with future development opportunities
  • Identify Market and Builder Volume by closings, active and future lots
  • Ensure your strategy is targeting growing markets and builders


Identify housing opportunities that complement your products

With Zonda’s comprehensive and up to date new home construction data, quickly target builders and subdivisions best suited for your product offerings.

  • Target by housing attributes, closings, and future lots
  • Market timing with detailed construction stages
  • Identify untapped opportunities within existing builder relationships


Strategically increase market share

Build a strong pipeline that fosters long-term revenue growth by leveraging the opportunities identified with new homebuilder contacts.

  • Access 44,000+ builders in our database
  • Multiple filter options to create a potential lead report
  • Export a list of potential builder partnerships for your team

Opportunities backed by data

Zonda new home construction data is unmatched in accuracy and breadth. Stay in the know and accurately strategize with BuildingProductPro.


Annual closings tracked


Active buillders


Vacant developed lots

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Stay ahead of your competition in the building and product industry. Meet with a Zonda team member and learn how BuildingProductPro can help improve your strategic housing market insights today and for the future.

Actionable intelligence features

BuildingProductPro gives you the tools to effectively assess the total addressable market. Target markets, builders, and subdivisions with a full pipeline and develop a strategy for long term growth.

Market Assessment

Get an accurate pulse on the U.S. new home construction market. Quickly analyze any market activity level by closing, housing characteristics, number of builders, and future pipeline and more.

Builder Insights

Identify which builders are best for you based on home type and future opportunities in each market. Segment builders by their current and historic closing rate, vacant developed lots, and housing characteristics.

Future Supply

Quickly view stages of the construction pipeline by market and builder. See vacant land, equipment on site, streets in, and more. Successfully mange market timing when bringing product into the distribution channel.

Subdivision Match

Drill down further by filtering subdivisions meeting specified criteria. Discover subdivisions with product offerings that match target audiences of your different product categories.

Builder Contacts

Build strong relationships and capture more business with builders on your target list. Verify and validate your network of builders with our regularly updated builder contact list.

Additional growth solutions

We provide an ecosystem to help building products manufactures and suppliers confidently grow their business. Choose from advisory services, data solution add-ons, or through a variety of brand amplification through our platforms.

BP Research Perspectives

Best suited for leadership and strategy, this monthly curated national perspective from our team of experts provides insights on important industry shifts. Concise enough for c-suite & management, while citing detail that analysts love from our proprietary data in BuildingProductPro.

This monthly reports cover quarterly forecasts, product/brand shifts and substitutions, DIY vs Pro outlook, and analysis of unique themes playing out between segments. Along with the report. access our experienced team for questions and industry discussion for less than the cost of an entry level analyst.

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Residential Remodeling Index

Gain insights into remodeling activity by market, targeted understanding of consumer demand for remodeling, and a basis for future forecasts of remodeling activity levels.

Assess current activity, consumer demand, and forecasting for remodeling by market with quarterly reports of the level of remodeling activity in 384 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) in the U.S.

In addition to overall remodeling activity see 17 different overlays for individual products such as windows, siding, kitchen and bath, and more.

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Home Building Outlook

National report providing Zonda’s outlook on current and future market conditions for the top 100 housing markets based on anticipated new home sales growth and market health.

Includes heat maps, individual market pages with a variety of local metrics, and an Excel file of the rankings and a variety of helpful metrics for all CBSAs, including Zonda’s housing starts forecast.

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BP Advisory Services

Offering key insights and studies custom tailored to guide building product strategy.

Confidently drive new product strategy with credible housing research and definitive answers that address concerns of all stakeholders from product managers, business presidents, c-suite, board of directors, and investors.

Zonda Advisory is a partnership beyond the study – our team helps drive strategy from the study and assists with positioning study to key stakeholders and investors.

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Brand Amplification

Effectively reach your target audience through Zonda’s extensive portfolio of Media outlets and industry leading events.

Sponsor any of our 100+ live industry events, national webinars, or leadership podcasts. Further spread your message to your specific target audience on a variety of our media platforms including Builder, JLC, MFE, AHF, and more.

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"The insights that we can derive from the data provided by Zonda continues to create new strategies, both in sales and product development”

Cyndie Roche
VP of Field Sales and Design, Paradigm

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