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We help clients with a holistic approach to understanding home shopper needs so that builders and developers can maximize revenue.

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Tell a story about your product

After surveying a select group of homebuyers, our team helped a builder curate content and craft messaging for a postcard mailer that hit on key points about their product.

International buyer trends

Analyzed a market’s historical and current trends for the foreign international buyer. The study resulted in a detailed demand analysis for housing for this unique buyer type.

Detailed floorplan analysis

Provided an insightful analysis of housing and floor plan choices for different consumers within a market. Understanding the buyer's product preferences helped develop an effective product strategy.

Our approach

We work on

- Product strategy
- Product segmentation
- Consumer messaging
- Focus groups
- Buyer journeys

Demand by lifestage

A proprietary model that quantifies what’s motivating people to live in a home. We'll provide projected sales activity for both new and resales in a market. The analysis includes sales projects by consumer segment and price to help determine optimal opportunities in the market.

Home shopper patterns

With our exclusive relationship with Builder Homesite, our team analyzes what 2 million home shoppers search for on Our team analyzes these trends to provide analysis of the top-selling homes and better understand buyer demand.

Consumer preferences

We help our clients better understand the consumer for better communication and sales strategy. Our team provides 3 unique surveys for builders to discover what their shoppers and buyers are looking for in a new home.

Webinars & events

Join our reoccurring series on of live casts to explore consumer insights and trends with thought leaders across the industry. Expose the team to the latest research and emerging models in understanding the homebuyers. See upcoming events or explore past video recordings.


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Our impact

From builders and developers, we work with all kinds of clients to provide insights on buyer segments.

Our experts

Work with leaders in the industry.

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Mollie Carmichael


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