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Todd Tomalak Wins Three Forecasting Excellence Awards from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Dec 13, 2022

Zonda’s building products advisor is now a 14-time winner for his accurate and diligent forecasts

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago announced the winners of the forecasting excellence contest at the 36th annual Economic Outlook Symposium (EOS) on December 2nd. Todd Tomalak, principal of building products advisory at Zonda, a leading provider of housing data solutions, won three certificates for his thoughtful and accurate forecasts on oil price, inflation, and trade-weighted dollar.

Building Products advisor Todd Tomalak presenting at the Builder 100 conference.

“Inflation, shortages, and volatility was the key theme of the Building Products industry the past year, so I’m relieved I was thinking about costs correctly,” said Tomalak. “Our industry faced a massive coordination and productivity problem, which drove costs higher than usual. Once it became clear that the underlying problems were very deep-rooted, and not just a Building Products problem, I had to anticipate significant inflation and swings in the U.S. dollar.”

Each year, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago invites high-caliber speakers to discuss the major sectors of the economy and make their forecasts. These forecasters represent a wide range of industries and predict the path (by quarter) of the next year’s economic activity.

At this year’s symposium, Tomalak was awarded forecasting excellence certificates for:

  • Best Oil Price Forecast – Made at the 2021 Economic Outlook Symposium
  • Best Inflation Forecast – Made at the 2021 Economic Outlook Symposium
  • Best Trade Weighted Dollar Forecast – Made at the 2021 Economic Outlook Symposium

Combined with his former forecasting wins from the EOS, Tomalak is now a 14-time winner, furthering his reputation as one of the most thoughtful and diligent forecasters in the industry.

About Todd

Tomalak provides building product forecasting and advisory services to the new home construction industry. His newest service, Building Products Outlook – a curated research subscription that includes robust quarterly forecasts and monthly reports based on real-time industry shifts – will launch in January 2023. Additionally, clients who work with Zonda on advisory assignments have access to forecasts and data on how revenues (and prices), and overall product spending will change in 2023 and beyond.

About Zonda

Zonda provides data-driven housing market solutions to the homebuilding industry. From builders to building product manufacturers, mortgage clients, and multifamily executives, we work hand-in-hand with our customers to streamline access to housing data to empower smarter decisions. As a leading brand in residential construction, our mission is to advance the home building industry, because we believe better homes mean better lives and stronger communities. Together, we are building the future of housing.

Todd Tomalak


Todd Tomalak


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