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Market Snapshots Offer Local Housing Market Data

Mar 07, 2023

Zonda offers complimentary housing market snapshots for the top 65 U.S. Core-Based Statistical Areas (CBSAs). Stay up-to-date on the latest housing market data specific to your real estate market of interest. While the robust data points you need may have previously required multiple reports and sources—Zonda has it ready for you all in one place.

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Housing Market Data Provided by Zonda

What can you expect to find in a monthly Market Snapshot? Zonda’s collection of data sets is updated monthly as the latest housing data becomes available. This includes:

  • An overview of local housing market data along with strengths and weaknesses: Find
    housing statistics for your local market all in one place.
  • Housing Inventory: Compare housing inventory by reviewing finished vacant, under
    construction, and model homes.
  • The New Home Pending Sales Index: Zonda creates its own version of the pending home
    sales index specifically for the new home market.
  • Home Value Reports: View the valuation patterns of markets and compare the data year
     over year.
  • Housing Supply Snapshot: Compare data of Annual Observed Housing starts vs Annual
    home closings.
  • New Home Sales Trends: Track new home sales with monthly and yearly statistics and
    view the average sales rate.
  • Median Home Prices: Discover the median closing price for existing and new homes.
  • Jobs vs. Unemployment: Compare the latest employment trends including annual job
    growth and unemployment.
  • Household Size Fluctuation: View the total number of households and track the growth
    as well as discover the upcoming forecast.
  • Market Health Indicators: Review stats related to general market health including jobs,
    median household income, singlefamily and multifamily permits and more.

Market Snapshots have data updated in real-time. View the current housing environment in your regional Snapshot! Download local data today!

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Looking for more housing data?

Interested in learning even more about your local market? Zonda Enterprise offers comprehensive Market Reports for the top 111 CBSAs covering 109 data fields. This includes 48 proprietary data points, providing all the essential housing performance metrics in one location to give you better insights on market performance.

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