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Zonda Expands Building Products Database Through Acquisition of BDX and Envision Platform

Apr 01, 2024
Together With the BDX Home Design Platform “Envision,” Zonda Delivers the Most Complete and Accurate Understanding of the Building Products Research Industry

We have expanded our building products research data capabilities and services as a result of the recent acquisition of BDX, including the leading new home listings platform,, and the leading new home design platform, Envision. Envision empowers homebuyers by allowing them to view all the product options that are available for their new home and visualize their design selections before the home is built. Envision is a key addition to Zonda’s comprehensive building products data and research strategy, providing insights into consumer choices and motivations.

“The acquisition of Zonda and BDX is synergistic and will allow for a more holistic and comprehensive view of building products data,” said Jeff Meyers, CEO of Zonda. “We are excited to come together to create such a powerful and advantageous resource for the industry.”

By combining Zonda’s proprietary housing data and expert Advisory and forecasting services together with Envision’s robust product catalog and dynamic home shopper experience, Zonda now offers the most complete and accurate understanding of the building products industry.

  • This integration allows Zonda to craft a unique and comprehensive narrative for the building products industry.
  • The Envision catalog houses data from over 225 manufacturers, offering access to a curated selection of more than 375,000 products.
  • By combining Envision’s insights with Zonda’s existing data sets, Zonda can uncover trends and patterns that would otherwise remain hidden.
  • These insights not only provide a deeper understanding of the industry landscape but also offer actionable intelligence that will empower clients to make data-driven decisions.

Todd Tomalak, Zonda’s Principal, Advisory for Building Products, offers an invaluable perspective on the Building Products industry with over 17 years of experience and is an 11-time winner of the most accurate category forecaster from the Chicago Federal Reserve. Todd and his team currently publish monthly reports in Building Products Outlook offering industry forecasts, channel and pro/DIY backdrops, and analyses of product categories and brands.

This integration with Envision makes Building Products Outlook the only industry research to combine expert forecasts and insights with definitive real-time data on configuration and product selection—powered by Envision, the data ecosystem underpinning home design and product selection including:

  • Exceptional forecasts and insights on shifts in product usage, substitution, and evolution of the home.
  • Real-time insight into consumer shifts in product conversion, including ‘trade-up’ vs ‘trade-down’.

“Integration of Envison data into our research is a game-changer for how the industry forecasts building products,” said Tomalak. “This expands our research to capture product substitution, changes in usage and configuration. We now are able to provide our clients with exceptional analysis of which products and brands are actually being used in the home as the home evolves.

“Best of all,” he continued, “it’s all rooted in real-world behavioral data. Our clients and our team will learn so much from this analysis.”

We are excited for this game-changing combination and look forward to continuing to bring you our industry-leading breadth and depth of building products data, forecasts, and research.

Learn more about Building Products Outlook today.

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