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Building Products 2023 Webinar Replay

Apr 04, 2023

Where is the building products industry headed this year?

Amid a rapidly cooling housing market, shifting pricing, and major channel shifts, where exactly is the building products industry headed? In our recent building products webinar, Todd Tomalak and Matt Samson discussed their research, and the industry outlook heading into 2023 and beyond. They presented three conclusions to remember:

  1. Near term: Risks to building products revenue increase in 2H 2023, as shifting backlogs, pricing, and macro factors impact building products revenue.
    • Corollary: Don’t get complacent on your margins or market share.
  2. Long term: The 2020-30 decade will likely be remembered as the ‘Golden Age of Remodeling’ but with a nasty cyclical slowdown in the middle.
    • Corollary: Don’t get complacent on product pricing/supply chains.
  3. Setup for divergence in results between brands: ‘Reshuffle’ between professional contractor channels (and brands) occurring?

Watch the webinar recording to learn more.

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