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Zonda Rebrands Artificial Intelligence Imagery Company Bird.I to Zonda Satellite

Oct 18, 2022

The new branding reflects the complete adoption of Bird.i into the Zonda portfolio.

Zonda Satellite

We are excited to announce the rebranding of the acquired Scotland-based satellite imagery company Bird.i to Zonda Satellite. This exciting transition fully incorporates the brand’s cutting-edge technology into the Zonda suite of products and services. The Zonda Satellite brand is an integral component of the Zonda Enterprise product. Zonda Satellite uses high-resolution satellite imagery coupled with artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning technology to track every stage of the construction process.

“The Bird.i acquisition was a crucial step in furthering Zonda’s mission to power the future of home building,” said Jeff Meyers, CEO of Zonda. “We are excited to fully incorporate Zonda Satellite into our company as an established brand. Our clients will continue to benefit from the brilliant imagery and technology they have come to know, that now matches the brand they expect from Zonda.”

The rebrand fosters the long-term growth plan to bring satellite imagery and insight to the home-building industry. Zonda Satellite:

  • Uses AI to analyze the satellite imagery of target geographic areas and rapidly detect and accurately report the status of construction.
  • Makes it possible for builders, developers, contractors and more to obtain real-time data accurately and securely on land and construction changes.
  • Enhances the rich Zonda database to provide sophisticated insights that are critical for decision-making and planning.

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Zonda Satellite allows you to track the progress of land projects in real-time through proprietary satellite imagery. Leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to capture images of ongoing projects allowing for more timely, better-informed decision-making throughout the building process. Request a demo to learn more.

About Zonda

Zonda provides data-driven housing market solutions to the home building industry. From builders to building product manufacturers, mortgage clients, and multifamily executives, we work hand-in-hand with our customers to streamline access to housing data to empower smarter decisions. As a leading brand in residential construction, our mission is to advance the home building industry, because we believe better homes mean better lives and stronger communities. Together, we are building the future of housing.

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