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We are a passionate team with deep understanding of the building products industry, economics, and research & analytical methods. Our clients face markets with unique strategic barriers and opportunities that requires insightful, creative, and custom approaches. We lead our clients to success by providing strategic solutions, rooted in data, and honed by experience.

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Delivering strategic insights to our clients

Utilizing proprietary Zonda data, economic data, interviews and surveys, we analyze client markets to address market size, strategic targets, and key trends. These provide our client with strategic insights on areas to focus or opportunities to pursue.

Guiding our clients throughout a product's lifecycle

Our clients look to us to guide them through their product development processes from early ideation to product launch. We provide strategic recommendations on how to successfully evolve products, enhance marketing, maximize pricing, and appropriately introduce new products and product extensions.

Creating strong competitive analysis

An effective distribution strategy creates strong competitive advantages. In addition to operational functions and customer access, the distribution channel represents the manufacturer’s goods and services to target markets and end-users. Our approach considers the distribution channel interactions and how they shape the message, the design, and the pricing.

Our approach

We work on

- Product innovation & analysis
- Distribution strategy
- Market & segment Forecast
- Market share
- Customer insights
- Competitive analysis

Product innovation & analysis

Find out what features and benefits resonate most with your target customers, and how much they’re willing to pay.

Distribution strategy

Get insight into direct-to-consumer and omni-channel distribution to uncover ways to drive growth.

Market & segment forecasts

BPM Advisors develops forecasts through specific industry and economic knowledge. We develop market and segment sizes through proprietary Zonda data, expert opinion, and market analysis. Our abilities to apply economic data and industry trends help shape forecasts and recommendations.

Market share

Everyone’s facing fierce competition from other similar products, from the very retail partners sworn to help you sell and from other retailers and online merchants looking to grow their business. Sales growth doesn’t always mean share growth.

Customer insights

Knowing the customer, how they think and behave is one of the hallmarks of the BPM Advisory Group. Years of rich experience have honed our abilities to develop research and discern insights that drive customer preference and behaviors. Developing customer focused good and services drives customer loyalty.

Competitive analysis

Competitive Analysis means many different things to our clients, from category, capabilities, SWOT and market level assessment to product and gap analysis. Our team has expertise in identifying competitive factors and their competitive effects. We provide strategic assessments that allow our clients to seize opportunities and shore up any vulnerabilities.



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