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Navigate confidently through the housing market's ebbs and flows. National Outlook delivers forecasts based on decades of experience and real-time data. Anticipate changes and adapt your approach to ensure your investments align with the market's trajectory.


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Insights from Ali Wolf, Zonda’s Chief Economist, help you adapt to and harness the fluidity of the market. Identify emerging trends and reveal opportunities to gain a strategic advantage, allowing your plans to seamlessly align with the evolving landscape.


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Exclusive webinars and custom research findings provide you with insightful, proactive, and in-depth understanding of the market. Regular updates ensure you stay at the forefront of housing trends, making you a formidable force in the real estate landscape.

The economy’s impact on the housing market.

Accurate analysis is driven by precise and complete data. Zonda's proprietary housing data paired with current economic realities paints a vivid picture of where we are headed and more importantly how to adapt.
30% New home share of total inventory
157M Total workforce in the United States
65.7% U.S. home ownership rate

The interconnectivity between the economy and the housing market has never been clearer. We help our clients make sense of all the moving parts and understand how it impacts their business.

Ali Wolf Chief Economist, Zonda

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