Mobile project tracking & market analysis

Quickly Assess Your Market

The on-the-go complement to Enterprise

Enterprise for iPad brings Zonda’s proprietary data to the iPad with an optimized user experience allowing you to access key market indicators with ease.
  • Quickly understand regional economic, supply, sales, demographic, and pricing at-a-glance.
  • View detail reports for active and future projects.
  • Assess the current market in a region defined by simply drawing a shape.

Streamline workflow

Drop a pin to build complete site reports

  • Instantly mark locations on our interactive map to gather site details and nearby projects.
  • Customize price graphs with selectable filters, draw trend lines, and adjust price ranges to accurately analyze positioning in your competitive market.
  • Generate site reports with detailed data and visuals, ready to save, export, or share with your team.

Real-time notifications

Stay informed on nearby project changes

Easily select projects in our notification center to receive real-time alerts along with price, sales rate, price/sq ft, quick move-in updates, and more. These timely notifications sent directly to your inbox empower you to make well-informed business decisions and remain competitive as the market shifts

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Enterprise for iPad?

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