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Get your share of mortgage leads for the new home market

One third of all homes sold are from new construction. Capitalize on the home builder market share with MortgagePro.

Identify new home preferred lender opportunities

MortgagePro can quickly identify builder prospects with a large pipeline of new home developments for future loan originations.

Connect directly with homebuilders without the chase

MortgagePro gives you access to contact information for decision makers of top builders so you can connect quickly and build strong relationships without the chase.

Grow your home builder market share

MortgagePro gives you all the resources you need to best position your company to builders and loan originators in the builder space.

Find quality builder leads and opportunities

MortgagePro offers the most comprehensive builder closing and future supply data.

  • Quickly gather new builder leads by analyzing preferred lender capture rates.
  • Identify builders with a large pipeline of new home developments for future loan originations.
  • Quickly identify the decision-makers of targeted builders.


Recruit top-performing
loan originators

Utilize NMLS data within MortgagePro to filter and find the top performing loan originators in your markets.

  • Increase home builder market share by identifying loan officers with strong new home closings and builder relationships.
  • See home loan values and volume to understand how to best position your mortgage company to desired candidates.
  • Eliminate outreach hurdles with contact information of targeted loan officers listed in the platform.

Track and strategically
increase market share

With every closed and potential future home loan, assess the addressable market and your prospect to widen market share.

  • Monitor loan volume at the market level.
  • Access the success of your builder relationships based on capture rate in comparison to your competitors.
  • Quickly identify opportunities to develop new builder relationships and increase market share.

MortgagePro Screens

Comprehensive, insightful, and intuitive

MortgagePro gives your team access to more closing and future home data than the competition, all in an easy to use platform


unique builders


loan officers


future home pipeline

MortgagePro features

Now Featuring: NMLS Data

Track loan originator performance. MortgagePro now includes NMLS giving you the power to track, target, and recruit top loan originators in your market area.

Builder Capture Data

Build builder leads. Utilize MortgagePro’s Builder Capture Data to see past closings for all builders on a national, regional, and subdivision level. Use this data to identify opportunities to become a preferred lender.

Future Supply Data

Future home supply insights. Identify emerging areas of new development with builder and subdivision detail enabling a customized approach to lending by market, by builder, and by subdivision.

Builder Contacts

Focus on the close instead of the chase. MortgagePro saves you time by providing a list of to the decision-makers for all the builders listed in our platform.

Market Trends

Assess addressable market. View closing and loan volume by loan type, average value and closing price from a state to county level. Benchmark against your competitors by analyzing builder-lender relationship and capture rates.

Create targeted sales efforts by assessing property, financing, and sales for builders and competitive lenders.

Trusted by the best

MortgagePro is trusted by hundreds of local and national banks and mortgage companies across the US

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