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Bird.i | Zonda is Fostering Tech Hub Growth in Glasgow

Mar 03, 2022

Zonda is cultivating the next generation of data intelligence and furthering tech industry growth by providing actionable data solutions through leading platforms, data analysis, and career opportunities.

Zonda is leading the growth of a technology center in Glasgow via the Scotland-based satellite imagery and artificial intelligence (AI) technology company Bird.i | Zonda. This strategic move seeks to deliver actionable solutions to the housing industry through the use of satellite imagery and the engineering of new software platforms that provide high-resolution, easily accessible imagery and data to enable competitive decision-making.

Bird.i’s growth and technological advancement is pioneering the way for the growth of a tech hub within Glasgow. Just as the company provides technology services to help users gain a competitive edge in the market, they also strive to bring emerging technologies to market, create job opportunities, and promote the growth of other tech-centric organizations within the area. This promotion strives to unite like-minded, innovative professionals to lead the next generation of data intelligence.

Jeff Meyers, Zonda Chief Executive Offer

We are excited to lead the growth of a tech hub in Glasgow as we continue to expand our footprint with numerous career opportunities at Bird.i | Zonda.

Jeff Meyers

CEO, Zonda

By delivering high-resolution satellite images from world-leading commercial satellite providers, Bird.i | Zonda is powering the future of the housing industry with a bird’s eye view of real-time, easily accessible, and actionable data to advance informed-decision making. This technology provides powerful insight into progress and changes within the construction and new home building industry – ideal for builders, developers, contractors, and more.

“The Bird.i team of engineers has helped lead the development of our newest platform, Enterprise,” said Jeff Meyers, CEO of Zonda. “We look forward to the continued success built by this global workforce of talented and inventive tech leaders.”

Bird.i currently has several open positions on the team. To learn more visit


About Bird.i

Bird.i curates the best satellite imagery from multiple providers into one platform. Combining proprietary satellite imagery and artificial intelligence technology, Bird.i captures real-time images and insights of ongoing projects allowing for more timely, better-informed decision making. Zonda acquired Bird.i with the shared vision of providing the construction industry with satellite imagery to find and assess land, track build progress, and monitor portfolio of projects.


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